Betsy Woodruff’s “Gotcha” Moment

The September 9 press conference at the Willard Hotel, “What Is the Alt Right?” was just winding down. Jared Taylor had mentioned the high IQs of East Asians 17 times, Richard Spencer had given three separate exegeses of “Dank Memes,” and Peter Brimelow had murmured eloquently and unintelligibly about how he had foreseen the immigration crisis as long ago as “mnnmm nmmddoo mm.” All had given vague, intellectualized, rather non-committal answers to persistent questions about the status of Jews vs. European (and Euroamerican) Whites.

Tall, slender young Betsy Woodruff of The Beast stood in the back in her red silk top and tight navy skirt, shifting her weight from one skimpy-sandal-clad foot to the other. She’d kept mum for nearly two hours. The presser was a bore, and there wasn’t single angle she could hang a hatchet-job upon. Finally she threw caution to the winds and waved furiously at Richard Spencer, who was finishing up an answer at the rostrum.

“Okay, Betsy, I’ll get to you next!” Richard said, ever the gentleman.

And the question came: “Will Jews have a place in your White Ethnostate?”

The first incendiary question of the afternoon! Regardless of the answer, Betsy knew she had a story. Read it here!

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