Keith Olbermann’s 176,000 Reasons. Sad!

Keith Olbermann, the TV sports commentator whose career tanked when he decided to become an angry political pundit instead, now has a “show,” or rather a kind of vlog, affiliated somehow with the men’s fashion magazine Gentleman’s Quarterly.

Confusingly named The Closer (same title as a 2005-2012 “police procedural” drama starring Kyra Sedgwick), the offering appears to be a low-budget retread of Olbermann’s old Countdown on MSNBC. That is, it’s another rant-fest from Keith. On Countdown he mainly filled out his slot with fist-pounding invective against Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly (“Bill-O”), whom Olbermann grandiosely imagined to be his opposite number. Grandiosely, that is, because Olbermann’s ratings were relatively miniscule.

Now Olbermann’s imagined rival is Donald J. Trump:

The Republican Party has actually nominated for president an irresponsible, unrealistic, naive, petulant, childish, vindictive, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, fascistic, authoritarian, insensitive, erratic, disturbed, irrational, inhuman individual named Donald John Trump.

This…is madness.

In his opening segment, Olbermann throws every insult and accusation that’s been leveled against Trump in the past 15 months. He says these are 176 reasons to oppose Trump, though the count seems arbitrary. (Does attacking President Obama and suggesting Obama is a “traitor” count as two reasons or just one?)
Originality has never been Olbermann’s long suit, but perhaps he is to be commended for gathering all this gibberish into one place. You can read the rant here.

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