Wollman Rink Horse Show This Weekend

Not quite the Devon Horse Show yet, the Rolex-sponsored Central Park Horse Show has its third season at Wollman Rink this weekend, Sept. 21-25. There will be many horsies.

Security measures are forboding:

Security Information

Bag checks will be mandated at the Spectator Entrance of Wollman Rink. Once Guests have been screened, they will have their ticket scanned. IEG organizers strongly urge all Guests to budget additional time for entry into the rink when planning their visit.

Guests will be required to go to a bag screening table alongside the security hand-held metal detector. Guests may be subject to further security measures  via physical pat-down if necessary. IEG reserves the right to prohibit or require removal of any items at their sole and absolute discretion. Any person that could affect the safety of the rink, its occupants or its property shall be denied entry.

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